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Pumpkin Shaped Bird Seed Wreath

Pumpkin Shaped Bird Seed Wreath

A cute seasonal pumpkin designed bird seed wreath with two seed choices to choose from. Purchasers can choose from Pumpkin "Spice" made with a spicy habanero seed mix of fruits and nuts and dried peppers to indulge your bird friends and ward off the squirrels or a "Just Jack" No Waste Blend made with fruits and nuts to entice all your favorite songbirds while leaving no mess behind! Each wreath is made to order and is prepared and cured before making its way to its new home. Turn around time is approximately 7-10 days. Shipping and handling will be calculated based on location. Free local delivery or porch pick up available.

  • Care Instructions

    Please hang your custom design in your favorite tree or on a garden hook. Your design will do well in most weather conditions but please bring it indoors during rain or snow events. Wet seed will mold and spoil and if overly saturated, will become unstable. Wreaths will not withstand high winds if not hung properly. Wreaths are fragile and are made from 100% food. They may break upon impact. Made with nuts. Bird seed wreaths may contains hot pepper. Not for human consumption. Not for use with domestic animals. Wreaths are not squirrel proof.